Relaunch: Stoppage Time Soccer 2.0

Eric Kronberg Sporting Kansas City MLS Notebook

Photo Courtesy of Sporting Kansas City Twitter / @SportingKC

Stoppage Time Soccer was launched in March 2014 after I was let go from Rant Sports. The initial launch was great and brought many viewers and new writers to the site. It was a time that allowed me be my own boss and grow as a writer and leader.

In late July 2014 I was presented the opportunity to go write for Playing for 90, a FanSided soccer site. By August I was an editor of the site and continued in that role until May 2015. Over those 8 or so months, the site experienced great growth and once again I grew professionally and personally. This move caused my focus on Editor-in-Chief and owner of Stoppage Time Soccer to be shifted towards this endeavor. As a result, the site here went dormant, while myself and other writers moved to Playing for 90.

Well, now I am back at Stoppage Time Soccer. This time Stoppage Time Soccer Duex (2.0) is launching. The site’s WordPress theme will remain the same, but the passion is more. The goal is to return Stoppage Time Soccer to the levels it was at before going into a hibernation and then taking it further. After all, the motto of the site is “the final source for soccer news.” Essentially, the vision and mission of the site it to provide relevant, timely stories that are a mix of analysis and news. It’s not about writing crazy, opinionated pieces that are written mainly as click bait. Rather, the site needs to be a place where those interested in soccer can discuss, learn, and read about the beautiful game and pieces that are well-written and not just click bait. Yes, websites love gaining more traffic, but there are ways better than deceiving headlines and click bait to gain traffic. Traffic will grow when readers feel respected and have a need or want to return to the site.

As the site relaunches, I’m currently the only writer; I’ll do my darnedest to cover as much news as I can in a timely manner. However, more times than not more is accomplished and completed when there is a team. Stoppage Time Soccer has great potential to grow into a powerful site that draws in the readers. If you are interested in writing, talking, and breaking down anything soccer related, then message Phil Naegely at pnaegely@stoppagetimesoccer.net.

While most of the stuff from Stoppage Time Soccer 1.0 remains in 2.0, there will be a new daily column that will run Monday-Friday and overtime more features that enhance the experience will be added. Each weekday, Stoppage Time, will discuss and explore the big headlines in the soccer world and link to other well-written pieces that inform, educate, break news, etc in the soccer world. This column is basically makes it easier for soccer fans to read the major headlines all in one spot. Stoppage Time will make its debut on Tuesday this week.

For now, thanks for your support during Stoppage Time Soccer 1.0 and we hope you stick around for Stoppage Time Soccer 2.0. There will be much happening in the soccer world this week between the start of the 2015 Women’s World Cup, the Champions League Final, and MLS action amongst other action, so sit back, relax, and read all that Stoppage Time has to over this week.


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