Real Madrid Scrambles, FC Barcelona Battles for Treble

As we all know Carlo Ancelotti was not asked back to continue as head coach of Real Madrid. Although his time as Real Madrid’s head coach was fruitful overall, the organization felt it needed to head in another direction. He helped “Los blancos” win a Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League in his first year. However, it seems that this season was devastating for one of the world’s top teams. Real Madrid did not win any major tournament and were easily defeated in La Liga by their eternal rival Barcelona. To add insult to injury, they were defeated by Juventus, who will play in the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final against FC Barcelona.

It is hardly a secret that Rafael Benitez will be the Real Madrid’s new head coach. As is normal with a team of such stature, there have been many doubts and questions about Benitez and his style of play. Mainly, there are fans and experts alike who argue that Benitez stresses a defensive style of play which will limit Real Madrid’s historic offensive spectacle. Benitez also likes to create complex strategic gameplay focusing on the strengths in the back field. On his behalf, Benitez has argued that he does have offensive characteristics and mentions his time in Napoles as proof. In that season his team scored a whopping 144 goals. Nonetheless, as is customary in Real Madrid, fans and critics will not be swayed until results are obtained.

There were certainly aspects of the team Benitez wisely chose not to talk about. When asked about legendary Madrid goalie Iker Casillas, he mentioned he did not want to get into the future of specific players. He did hint that the players who will get game time are those who are at their best regardless of star power. Benitez will have to contain a team that has been plagued by egos.

In his press conference, he emotionally expressed he was coming home. He has a history with Real Madrid. He was an assistant to Vicente del Bosque who achieved legendary world cup results for Spain. He was also a player in the lower divisions for the team.

The opposite mirror image of Madrid is undoubtedly FC Barcelona, who was the foundation of the Spanish national team that won 2010 World Cup. Xavi Hernandez, the captain of Barcelona, celebrated his farewell from the organization recently. He tried to put on a strong face until he was overwhelmed by Andres Iniesta’s words and could not contain his emotions any longer. Xavi will travel to Qatar where the 2022 World Cup will be held. Barcelona will battle against Juventus in a match that may be one of the most exhilaration in recent years on Saturday afternoon. Perhaps with this new infusion of life from Barcelona, the national team can regain their dominion after embarrassing world cup results in Brazil.

As is usual for these two teams, second place is utter failure. If they do not provide instant results it is almost a certainty that changes will be made immediately. This is the life for the two most valuable teams in La Liga.



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