NYCFC: The City That Never Wins

New York City commonly referred to as the ‘City that never sleeps’, but in the case of soccer it is more like the city that never wins. A fresh franchise in one of the greatest media and sports markets of the modern world has found itself another sports team clawing for success. You can look good losing, but the fact that NYCFC hasn’t won a game since their home opener, which was the second game ‘City that never sleeps’, is starting to weigh on the players, staff, and fans.

What will need to take place within this club to recapture the joy from the only victory this season?

It starts upstairs in the front office with club president Tom Glick. There comes a point in the season where the team needs to realize there is a need to play and manage desperately. Glick will be on hands and knees waiting for Frank Lampard’s July arrival. However, there is bigger speculation within the club than just the touchdown in the Big Apple of the Englishman.

There is growing talk from not just the NYCFC circles and New York sports tabloids, but all across the peninsula of Italy of Andrea Pirlo arriving in New York. What’s that famous saying? Oh yes, “No Pirlo, No Party”. The movement is picking up at Yankee Stadium and this would see a major spike in attendance, but not just because of the majestic nature of the maestro. The attendance average will spike across the league because of the product on the field. The class on the pitch would jump exponentially with a player of such pedigree and he wouldn’t be alone.

NYCFC would have to be dubbed the best midfield in the MLS with Pirlo, Lampard, Mix Diskerud, and Pedro Alvarez. These are all players that have spent time growing in Europe and they will cement an area of the game that NYCFC have struggled. Villa has played a great game up top for the NYCFC attack, yet hasn’t received the service from the midfield necessary to stamp his mark on a game.

The longer NYCFC continues to struggle; the more negative the first season buzz will backlash on the club. NYCFC’s first season legacy may very well depend on Juventus’ result against Barcelona this Saturday in the Champions League Final. Pirlo has made it very clear that winning the Champions League with Juventus would be the perfect farewell and Sami Khedira signing with Juventus might be signaling the start of a new era, which include Pirlo exciting to head elseshwere.

Head Coach Jason Kreiss will be licking his chops at the idea of working with such talent. The movement #NoPirloNoPartyNYC is growing and don’t find yourself surprised if Kreis is the orchestrator of this operation.  The city that never sleeps could likely become the city that is never impressed.



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