Angel Di Maria Returns to Manchester United

One of the biggest transfer disappointments of the  2014-15 English Premier League season will have a chance to redeem himself next season. Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria officially announced that he will be returning to the club for a second season.

To say it was a difficult freshman season for Di Maria as a member of the Red Devils would be a massive understatement. The former Real Madrid standout could never return to the form that enticed Manchester United to pay a staggering sum of £59.7 million. That was the highest transfer fee ever paid in the history of British football. Needless to say, Manchester United did not get their money’s worth, at least not yet.

Di Maria is known to be an excellent footballer as he has scored over 50 caps for his native Argentina. And has proven himself by getting world cup results such as scoring the goal that won Argentina the gold medal at the 2008 world cup. And also paved the way for his national team by playing 12 games during the qualifying rounds and helped secure Argentina’s world cup results in 2014. If he is to earn world cup results again he will certainly have to prove himself by becoming the player he once was, before he can think about going to Russia for the 2018 world cup.

To his credit, Di Maria has never been one to shirk responsibility for the failure of his initial Manchester United campaign. He has been a standup guy throughout the difficult year, doing whatever the club asked him to do, and without uttering a word of complaint to the media. It seems impossible to believe that a player who put up such gaudy numbers in La Liga could tally only four goals and 12 assists for an entire EPL season. Yetet, you can’t argue with the numbers.

So what does Di Maria attribute his lack of success to?

For starters, he readily admits that he underestimated the overall talent of the English Premier League. He thought it would be much more easy to assimilate his style of play in England than it eventually turned out to be. Now Di Maria freely concedes that not only is the Premier League truly outstanding, it is a much more difficult league to play in than La Liga.

As is typical of fans and media covering the Premier League, many people were calling for the head of the talented the 27-year-old when it was clear things were not going his way. Di Maria was surprised by how quickly the fans turned on him in the early stages of his Manchester United career. However, he understands that the fans are used to winning, so their standards are higher than supporters of other clubs. As the season wore on, it became painfully obvious that the Manchester United faithful were not the only ones who had lost confidence in the native of Argentina. The powers that be who run the team were also quickly losing patience with their massive investment. Although he began the season as a regular member of the starting lineup, Di Maria was nothing more than a bit player by the time the disappointing campaign came to a close.

As he reflected on his first year with Manchester United, Di Maria conceded that moving to a new league in a new country was difficult for him. He cited the extreme differences between the Premier League and La Liga, and the superior strength of the Premier League.





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