EPL Match Preview: Burnley vs. Chelsea

Chelsea FC

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Well this one seems to be a no-brainer. Title favorites, Chelsea will take on newly-promoted Burnley in the season opener and it will be the world’s first shot at seeing Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas in blue playing at Stamford Bridge. Both Costa and Fabregas swapped La Liga for the English Premier League. Jose Mourinho’s system usually focuses around the midfield being the strength leaving the forwards as a secondary asset to the club. This season, Mourinho will look to prove that belief wrong. Burnley vs. Chelsea will be a blip on Mourinho’s radar to the top of the table.

Before Monday comes, Mourinho will have to make a decision as to who will play goalkeeper, Petr Cech or Thibaut Courtouis. My money will be Cech to start the season for the Blues. Chelsea has made plenty of changes to their squad and it appears that this game against Burnley will be a small task. I hate to say it but Chelsea has one of the deepest teams in the English Premier League and although the loss of David Luiz to Paris Saint Germain, will hurt the defense, the addition of Felipe Luis will fill the void nicely.

I wish there was something that I could say to give Burnley any hope at winning this match, but I can’t for now. Burnley will win some games this season but this first game will not be one of them. I will be looking for Danny Ings to make an impact for Burnley, but it could be difficult for Ings to make a stance against such a stout defense and midfield. Burnley will obviously be playing spoiler to Mourinho and his crew but it’s a long shot.

I will make this statement as I have before, I don’t think Costa will be as effective and pivotal for Chelsea as he was for Atletico Madrid. The English Premier League – in my opinion – is a more difficult league and has teams that are surprisingly good. Mourinho’s midfield focus will not allow Costa to thrive which could affect his goal total this season. The only forward that has made a difference at Chelsea was Didier Drogba and after him, no one has come close to his success as a Chelsea striker.

I predict a 3-0 victory for Chelsea over Burnley at the end of ninety minutes.

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