Is Carlos Vela About To Return Playing For ‘El Tri’?

Carlos Vela to accept a return call up to 'El Tri'?

Photo Courtesy of the Official Real Sociedad de Futbol Facebook Page

On Tuesday as Mexican National Team coach Miguel Herrera was making the rounds talking about the two friendly games Mexico will be playing next month, September 6 against Chile and then on September 9 against Bolivia he stated and talked about several different things. One of the first things Herrera talked about which caught the ear was him talking about naming a number of young players who are making their mark so far in Liga MX play as members of the squad for the two September friendlies. The second thing that caught the ear was Herrera once again stating that since this is a new four year cycle, all players would be considered for selection and that includes one Carlos Vela.

The Real Sociedad forward has been the source of much talk and discussion amongst Mexican National Team fans and amongst the Mexican media given that the Vela playing for the national team is one of those lightning rod topics where you are either on one side or the other and you cannot take a middle ground position. For those who do not know, Vela has not played for Mexico since a March 2011 friendly and since then for reasons only known to him and has declined a number of call-ups since then. Some have viewed this as being selfish and therefore because he has consistently said no to the national team, why continue trying to extend the olive branch to a player who has time and time again shown he does not want to play for the national team.

On the other side of the argument are those who argue that because Carlos Vela is the best Mexican player at the moment and because Mexico are not an Argentina who could leave off someone like Carlos Tevez and still do well at the World Cup. With that in mind, Miguel Herrera should extend the olive branch and with it a call up to the Mexican National Team for a player who undoubtedly is a unique talent. Another example of those making the argument to continue attempting calling up Carlos Vela was made by Juan Carlos Gabriel De Anda on the show La Ultima Palabra who argued that Vela would probably be amendable to accepting a call up now because it is a new cycle and there is no pressure of him being viewed as a savior. Therefore if things do not turn out perfectly, he won’t be viewed as a scapegoat for blame, something that could have happened when Mexico struggled during 2014 World Cup Qualifying.

On several occasions Miguel Herrera has stated because it is a new four year cycle that everyone starts from zero and therefore the possibility for Vela to be called up is very good. Additionally as Juan Carlos Gabriel also stated, because the new core of the Mexican National Team is of players who are of Vela’s age range and generation, he is very likely to be spared being negatively received by his national team teammates. All that said, we still do not know of whether or not Vela will actually accept a call up given that he has not said anything to indicate he is amendable. In addition, individuals like Justino Compean (FMF President) and Decio De Maria (Liga MX General Secretary) are still around and there continued presence has been cited as a reason(s) for Vela saying no to previous call ups. All that said, the moment of truth of whether Carlos Vela will once again play for Mexico will come when Miguel Herrera calls up the European based Mexican players either in October and or November.

Lucas Carreras is a contributing Mexican National Team and Liga MX writer for Stoppage Time Soccer. You can follow Lucas on Twitter by following him @maldini3fan

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