MLS: Ronaldinho Would Be Perfect Fit for Orlando City SC

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Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho has announced that he is leaving current club Atletico Minero and is looking for a new home in a new league. Immediately, leagues such as the A-league (Australia) and Major League Soccer have jumped into the discussion. Several MLS teams are desperate for a game changing Designated Player and, because Ronaldinho is not a former MLS or U.S. Men’s National Team star, allocation order does not come into play when pursuing the former world star.

However, the perfect fit for Ronaldinho is not an established MLS team, but the rising league’s new addition, Orlando City SC.

Orlando City SC will join MLS in 2015 and already have a Brazilian star in Kaka on their roster, which means that Ronaldinho would immediately feel at home with his new club. Adjusting to MLS takes time (unless you’re Thierry Henry) and playing with another player who he is familiar with could rapidly aid Ronaldinho’s adjustment to the style of play in a new league.

Ronaldinho and Kaka would not only form one of the most dynamic midfield duos in MLS almost immediately, but it would all but ensure that OCSC doesn’t struggle in their first season. The success of Orlando City will determine the path of soccer in the Southeastern United States for a long time – a devastating first season could reignite the irrational fear by many that “SEC Country” is far from ready for professional soccer.

An interesting side note: Florida has one of the largest populations of Brazilians in the United States. Five of the top ten cities in America with the highest Brazilian population are in the state of Florida, and fans will flock in droves to Orlando City games in order to see one of the most memorable players in the history of soccer. OCSC already has a fairly large and extremely loyal fan base that would only be bolstered by the addition of Ronaldinho.

Orlando City has been relatively quiet after the signing of Kaka, and bringing in Ronaldinho would be a brilliant move for the fan base, marketing, and the future of the club. Stay tuned to StoppageTimeSoccer.net (@StoppageTimeSoc) for updates on Ronaldinho and other players rumored to come to MLS. Also, this article will be updated with any breaking Ronaldinho news concerning MLS in the near future.

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