MLS Rumors: Robinho and Kaka to Reunite at Orlando City SC

Orlando City SC

Photo via Orlando City SC’s Facebook page

Just like last year, Brazilian forward tandem, Kaka and Robinho would like to reconnect and play together once again. This time in Orlando City. Orlando City SC will join Major League Soccer (MLS)  as an expansion side and begin play next season.

Kaka, once the FIFA player of the year, and Robinho are motivated to make the move to MLS by two factors – lack of European competition and being snubbed a World Cup roster spot. Kaka has already secured a roster spot on Orlando City and Robinho looks to follow his footsteps. It’s like Kaka and Robinho are friends or something – I’ll save you the trouble, they’re pretty good friends.

Last season, Robinho saw most of his first team starts due to Stephen El Shaarawy being injured, but now with El Shaarawy coming off of an injury and Jeremy Menez has made a move from Paris Saint-Germain. With Menez and El Shaarawy looking to secure first team reps, Robinho will more than likely search for a team that can guarantee him sufficient amount of time on the field – that’s where Orlando City joins the talks. Orlando City can guarantee ample amount of playing time for both Kaka and Robinho mainly because it is a start-up expansion team and the team does not have many well-known players on the team.

Kaka and Robinho will highlight Orlando City and become the team’s main asset and face of the club- probably something both Brazilians want when it comes to finding a team to spend the rest of their soccer careers.

I am going to be honest; I was never really impressed with Kaka and for obvious reasons. After securing FIFA player of the year in 2007, Kaka has never exactly lived up to that award in the following years. It could be because Kaka was overshadowed at Real Madrid and AC Milan or better players simply surpassed Kaka on the soccer field. Regardless, Kaka will shine at Orlando City as will Robinho. Kaka and Robinho will provide offense for Orlando City and will most likely draw in huge crowds.

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