DeAndre Yedlin: Reportedly Transferred to AS Roma

DeAndre Yedlin

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It seems now that the saga pertaining to DeAndre Yedlin of the Seattle Sounders being transfered to a Serie A team is over. Multiple outlets are reporting that Yedlin has been transferred to AS Roma of Serie A. The transfer is reportedly for $5 million which roughly works out to be €3.6 million according to chiesaditotti.com.

Signore DiMarzio reports that Yedlin will remain with Seattle through the end of the season in MLS,  at which point Roma will most likely loan him out to a smaller Serie A side for some seasoning.  Of course nothing is official as of right now, as neither AS Roma or Seattle Sounders are confirming the news.

The transfer would be good for both parties involved as it would give Roma a young talented right back for when their current right back, Maicon, contract expires. For Seattle it would give them some more allocation money. I am not even going to try to explain how players transferring out of MLS works, mainly because I am not 100% sure myself. Every team is owned by the league, so technically Roma negotiated with MLS on the deal. MLS will get a portion of the transfer funds and Seattle would most likely get a smaller portion as well.

As I mentioned earlier, this is far from official. Official would mean that the teams and MLS would have an announcement. So in the meantime just sit back and relax and enjoy the crazy time that is the summer transfer season as we await to see what happens to DeAndre Yedlin.

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  1. Due to Yedlin’s status as a homegrown player, Seattle will get a higher percentage of the transfer fee. I believe it is 75% rather than the 67% it normally is. That maximum allocation money will be pretty sweet though.

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