2014 World Cup: Argentina Should be Proud of Their World Cup Performance


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Although Argentina lost to Germany, Argentina should be proud of their performance. Argentina was able to prove all critics as well as myself wrong by making it all the way to the championship, a feat that I believed was impossible. I do feel bad for Lionel Messi because he will continue to be compared to Diego Maradona, an act that is absolutely ludicrous. Messi will get a World Cup championship, he still has time, but 2014 belongs to Germany.

Coming into the World Cup, I believed that Argentina did not have enough defense to make a deep run into the tournament.

Argentina has good individual players but could that be enough to win it all?

That answer is yes and no. When a team has one of the world’s greatest players in Messi and several highly-ranked players it is possible to come very close to the title but end up losing to a better team.

In this case, Argentina lost to the better team today and nobody thought Argentina could even beat Germany after Germany’s previous victories.

In the beginning of the game, it appeared as Argentina had Germany on the ropes and definitely had their chances to score. Messi was burning Mats Hummels on the wing every time and Gonzalo Higuain missed a golden opportunity to put Argentina up early in the match. However, the chips did not fall in Argentina’s favor resulting in a 1-0 loss to Germany.

Argentina held strong for 90-plus minutes but all it took was one defensive let-down to put Mario Gotze and Germany ahead of Messi and Argentina. Despite this loss on the biggest stage in the world, Argentina will be back and will effectively compete in international competition. There are certain kinks that need to be tightened and defense is one of them.

Hold your heads high Argentina, you had a great World Cup run and should be proud of every moment.

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