2014 World Cup: Four Reasons Why Mexico Can Beat The Netherlands

5 Reasons Mexico Can Beat the Netherlands

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After having done well in Group A play at the 2014 World Cup, Mexico is feeling very good about its chances of winning in their Round of 16 game against the Netherlands. And why shouldn’t they as they only finished second in group play to Brazil because of goal differential as both earned 7 points in group play. The play from Mexico in group play has been one which has been a very pleasant surprise and so has the jovial and family atmosphere surrounding the team at this tournament.

Certainly going up against a team in the Netherlands who have been one of the four best teams so far during the World Cup is going to require more than great team spirit and belief, it will obviously take a quality performance on Sunday to pull off the upset and advance into the quarterfinals. Yet this Mexico team has valid, legitimate, and noticeable arguments as to why they can and just might beat the Netherlands. So what are those arguments which can be made? Below are just four which will serve to show as to why Mexico can beat the Dutch on Sunday afternoon:

San Memo Ochoa In Goal

Those who are fans of the NHL know that one of the most popular sayings and truisms is that you can win with a hot goalie in the playoffs. In some ways, one can apply the same idea to the World Cup to a certain extent. In Mexico’s case, they have the benefit of having Guillermo Ochoa as the starting goalkeeper and as anyone who has watched the tournament knows, Ochoa has been one of if not the best goalkeeper so far in the tournament. The best example of this was his play in Mexico’s 0-0 draw against Brazil. Therefore, if he needs to step up and make that remarkable save or just make the smart play, Guillermo Ochoa will be giving Mexico the edge in the goalkeeper matchup between the two teams on Sunday.

Play of the Midfield

Before Mexico took on Cameroon in their first game of the 2014 World Cup, one of the biggest questions about the team was how the midfield would play. Reason it was such a question mark was the three who would end up starting in that game on June 13 where not the project three assumed to be the starting midfield. Well three games later, the midfield has become a reliable and trusted contributing unit. Although Jose Juan Vasquez will miss the game due to yellow card accumulation suspension, it is fair to assume that Andres Guardado and Hector Herrera are more than capable of continuing their fine form and in turn, helping Mexico win the midfield battle over another opponent.

Impact Substitutions

Against Croatia, one of the things that stood out for Mexico was how coach Miguel Herrera knew when and whom to insert into the game at the right moment. The best example of this was when Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez came into the game at the 61st minute and his inclusion gave Mexico an added attacking edge which to go after Croatia and win the game. The ability for the coach to be able to read the game and know whom to put in but when will be a key on Sunday and going by what Miguel Herrera has done in the first three games of the tournament, no reason assume that Miguel Herrera cannot and might not be able to continue to show his ability to read the game cannot continue on Sunday.

Better Adept At The Weather

Sunday’s game between Mexico and the Netherlands will be played in Fortaleza and given the game is in Brazil’s Northeast region, it will hot and humid. Add to the fact that the game will begin at 1pm local time, the weather conditions for the game is expected to be around 30 degrees Celsius and at least 70% humidity. The Mexico team will have the advantage as the majority of the players play in Mexico and as a result, are use to playing in such weather conditions and or having grown up in such conditions. Therefore, their ability to be able to better deal with the weather conditions on Sunday could prove a vital factor in favor of Mexico defeating the Netherlands on Sunday.

Lucas Carreras is a contributing Mexican National Team and Liga MX writer for Stoppage Time Soccer. You can follow Lucas on Twitter by following him @maldini3fan

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