MLS Rumors: Why a Return to MLS Would Be Bad for Brek Shea

Break Shea USMNT

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The rumors surrounding Brek Shea’s return to Major League Soccer after a poor stint abroad for both Stoke City and Barnsley have exploded recently. A U.S. Men’s National Team player who once played in MLS for FC Dallas, Shea would be welcomed back to his starting league with opening arms. Toronto FC’s general manager even called him a “dynamic U.S. international.”  However, this move would be detrimental to not only his development, but his confidence as well.

I’m not one to bash MLS; in fact, I’m one of the first people to defend it. Major League Soccer is on the rise in the United States, and, if trends continue, then it should eventually overtake MLB as the No. 2 professional sport behind the NFL in the average attendance ratings. I’m not arguing that Shea shouldn’t play in MLS because of a lack of talent in the league, but quite the opposite actually – I’m not sure he’s good enough to start in MLS.

If you look at the league as a whole since Shea left, the talent level has increased drastically. Games have started to resemble that of leagues around the world, and the talent increasingly gets better due to the introduction of young players and the arrival of elite DPs. Shea would get playing time certainly, but if he cannot get playing time with a team like Barnsley, how would he fight his way into a starting spot on an MLS team with a good midfield?

Unfortunately, Shea looks like he has plateaued.  He needs a spark that he’s not going to find playing in the United States; he needs a major team to believe in him and take a chance. Shea is a talented USMNT asset with a ton of untapped potential, but he needs to find his form soon. It may seem like a good idea for a Brek Shea return to MLS, but in reality it may be a negative move for both parties.

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