UEFA Champions League: Manchester United Won’t Be Enjoying April Fool’s Joke with Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League

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The first leg quarterfinal match-up between two storied European power clubs is a study in the importance of leadership.  When David Moyes assumed the reins from Sir Alex Ferguson, The master hand on the wheel of Manchester United‘s winning tradition, it was a club loaded with talent and a payroll to match.  Managers at the elite levels are odd birds, personality quirks, cryptic answers to questions, or stone silence.  The English Premier League is the focus of the world’s harsh, unblinking spotlight with it being home to some of the most well-known teams.  With dissension in the stands against the Glazer Family’s leadership, mounting losses and the downward trajectory in the standings, this is not the time to face Bayern Munich.

Bayern comes in after winning the Bundesliga title faster than any other team.  Most observers already have them winning the Champions League again.However, Bayern still has more games in league play where anything can happen, and recently tied with 1899 Hoffenheim. Thiago Alcantara is lost for 6 to 8 weeks with a knee injury in what was a meaningless match.  The depth of Bayern Munich can slot another quality player in, but some of the continuity will be lost.  No club can afford to lose a player of his skill without some adjustment.  Yet, it should not matter and Bayern will beat United on Tuesday.

Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie will be starved by the German side.  United’s defense will once more breakdown against the focused Bayern attack.  This is not a lack of skill but of confidence.  Bayern Munich has boundless energy in their swagger entering the match.  Manchester United could have said the same only a couple of years ago.  Now they limp in after a season of disappointment and turmoil. The aggregate won’t reflect the whole story.  It will be closer than many believe.  United is a proud club; they won’t go away quietly but the title is Bayern’s lose not Manchester’s to win.

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